The workshops have been organized by the Education Department of Artium Museum

Under the direction of:

Charo Garaigorta, Head of the Education Department and Cultural Action
Mari Fran Machin, assistant, ARTIUM Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo

Workshop assistants:

Arrate Arrizabalaga
Martim Dias
Karin Dolk
Alexandra Hofer

Groups of collaborators for Paperophanies include:

Associate Members of Artium Museum
Good Morning Artium Art for Children and Family
Students from School of Fine Arts in Bilbao University of Basque Country
Women from ARGIA Collective  De Mujeres Del Municipio de Elburgo- Alava
Senior Group from Fundacion Mejora-Vitoria
Group from the University of the Streets
Group from EPA Adult Education Immigrants from Ghana and Pakistan  -Vitoria
Group from EPA Adult Education Paulo Freira Ariznavarra-Vitoria
Group from EPA Adult Education Zaramaga-Vitoria
Students from Colegio Samaniego Primary Education Students
Students  from Colegio Divino Maestro- Primary Education Students
Group from Elburgo,Gauna,Erentxum, Cuadrilla de Salvatierra
Group from the Phsychatric Hospital-Hospital of Addictions


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