On Saturday, 12 noon to 2 pm ,November 26 ,2011 the streets of downtown Vitoria will erupt in public parade which is the climax and final event of Paperophanies.

Participants in this parade are local residents, students, artists, community groups who are all dressed in the paper customs adorned with signs, personal statements in English and Spanish that each one created and assembled individually during the workshops at Atrium Museum. The protest will take place from 12 noon on starting at Artium Museum and it will convene at the main square the Plaza de la Blanca Virgen. The artist the curator along with the participants and local audience will engage in a collective experience and social awareness of the public life of the city of Vitoria created by the parade.

Click to view the map of the event.

Click here to view images from the event.

Nota de Prensa / Press release –


El 26 de noviembre de 2011 se desarrollará una performance-manifestación pública con todos los participantes en la plaza de la Virgen Blanca de Vitoria vestidos con sus propias obras de papel y sus mensajes personales.
El desfile tendrá lugar desde las 12 del mediodía en adelante, comenzando en el museo ARTIUM hasta llegar a la Plaza de la Virgen Blanca. El proceso performativo del desfile involucrará al público y a los participantes en una experiencia colectiva y conciencia social de la vida pública de la ciudad de Vitoria.


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